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The villages of India are a visual treat for travellers, with their picturesque fields, farms, rivers, and untouched hillsides. It's like stepping back in time. The traditional way of life remains unchanged and everything seems frozen in time, allowing one to escape from everyday concerns.

The villagers in these villages continue to live a simple life, just as they did in ancient times. Their traditional way of life remains largely unchanged. Taking a stroll through the village allows you to observe the locals going about their daily routines. If you need a break from the chaos of city life, visiting these villages is the perfect solution. The villagers here are occupied with various activities such as farming, fishing, and various crafts like metal work, stone cutting, carpentry, weaving, textiles, pottery, art, dance, and jewelry making.

In addition to visiting popular tourist destinations, these tours can also include stops at tribal villages. These village visits offer a refreshing, educational, and fun experience.


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